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  2. PBN sites
    We will establish a structure of privately-owned blog network sites!

    Pros of our self-owned blog network:

    We perform everything SO THAT GOOGLE doesn’t realize THAT this A private blog network!!!

    1- We obtain domains from distinct registrars

    2- The leading site is hosted on a virtual private server (VPS is fast hosting)

    3- Additional sites are on different hostings

    4- We allocate a unique Google account to each site with verification in Google Search Console.

    5- We develop websites on WordPress, we don’t employ plugins with assisted by which malware penetrate and through which pages on your websites are established.

    6- We don’t reiterate templates and employ only individual text and pictures

    We refrain from work with website design; the client, if wished, can then edit the websites to suit his wishes

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